Staff Qualifications

  All staff members have met both state and local Department of Children and Families requirements. Thorough background and reference checks are conducted prior to hiring. Each staff member holds a 45 hour childcare certification, while many have gone above and beyond and completed their CDA (Child Development Associate Certificate) consisting of over 600 hours. In addition to a highly qualified staff, the director has over 21 years of experience in the child care profession.  She has been with Livingston Academy since before the doors opened in 2017.  

Teacher Helping Student Draw
Lauren (2).jpg

Miss Lauren

Meet Miss Lauren.  She is the Lead teacher in our 1 year old classroom.  

Miss Ana

Meet Miss Ana.  She is the lead teacher in our 2 - young 3 year old classroom.  

Ana (2).jpg

Miss Flor

Meet Miss Flor.  She is Miss Ana's helper.  

Flor (2).jpg

Miss Christina

Meet Miss Christina.  She is the Lead teacher in our 3 year old's classroom.

She is a Golden Blossom recipient. 

Christina (2).jpg

Miss Tiffany

Meet Miss Tiffany.  Miss Tiffany is the Lead teacher in our 4 year old's classroom.  


Miss Ashley

Meet Miss Ashley.  She is one of our VPK teachers.  She is in the classroom with Miss Becky.  

Ashley (2).jpg

Miss Becky

Meet Miss Becky.  In addition to being the director, she is a lead VPK teacher.  

Becky (2).jpg

Miss Cheri

Meet Miss Cheri.  She is a lead VPK teacher.  Miss Cheri has won the Golden Apple Awards several times.  

Cheri (2).jpg

Miss Marina

Meet Miss Marina.  She is an assistant teacher in our VPK classrooms. 

Marina (2).jpg

Miss Selena

Meet Miss Selena.  She is a lead VPK teacher.  

Selena (2).jpg

Our Helpers

Meet our part time helpers. 

Miss Nathalie

Miss Cara

Miss Aubree

Nathalie 2.jpg

Our Substitutes

Our "subs" work or volunteer in our center on an as needed basis.  
They are a valuable part of the team.

Miss Bonita

Miss Rebecca

Mr. Tim (photo coming soon)


Miss Kathleen

Miss Kathleen is the office manager in addition to volunteering in the center.