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Staff Qualifications

  All staff members have met both state and local Department of Children and Families requirements. Thorough background and reference checks are conducted prior to hiring. Each staff member holds a 45 hour childcare certification, while many have gone above and beyond and completed their CDA (Child Development Associate Certificate) consisting of over 600 hours. In addition to a highly qualified staff, the director has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, she taught one year in Arkansas, then moved back home to Naples.  She taught in the Collier County Public School system for 17 years at the elementary school level.  She has held various positions at Livingston Academy since its opening. 

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Ashley (2).jpg

Miss Ashley L.

Meet Miss Sophia.  She is one of our newest teacher's helpers for our classroom with our 2 year olds.

photo coming soon!

Meet Miss Ashley

She is a teacher in our classroom full   of active 2 year olds.  Miss Ashley is

working on her degree in Education. 

Miss Ashley

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Christina (2).jpg

Miss Christina

Meet Miss Christina.  She is the Lead teacher in our 3 year old's classroom.

She is a Golden Blossom recipient. Miss Christina is beginning her 4th year at Livingston Academy.    Helping children learn and grow, discover the world and achieve things they didn't know they could do is her goal.  Miss Christina came to us from a Montessori school, so she loves to incorporate independent learning activities.  

Miss Ana

Meet Miss Ana.  She is the lead teacher in our older 2's to our young

3 year old classroom.  Miss Ana is originally from Columbia where she has a degree in Psychology!  She has been teaching for 10 years, obtaining her CDA 4 years ago.  She has been with Livingston Academy for 4 years. She looks for ways to give her class unique learning experiences!  

Flor (2).jpg

Miss Flor

Meet Miss Flor. 

She has held a variety of positions since she came to work for Livingston Academy in early 2021. This past summer, she was our lead teacher for our "Step Up to Kindergarten" program.  Currently, she is finishing her CDA and she is an assistant teacher in our VPK classroom working closely with Miss Deb.  She loves coffee because it helps her keep up with her young son! 

Meet Miss Debra.

She goes by Miss Deb.  She is begining her 4th year of teaching and her 2nd year with Livingston Academy.  She has her CDA and VPK credentials AND she is working towards her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education.  Last year she taught in our 2 year olds class.  This year, she is one of our lead teachers in our VPK program.    

Miss Deb

Meet Miss Rachel. 

She is Miss Marcella's right-hand girl and helps everyone throughout the day!  She is a 5th generation Collier County native.  Miss Rachel has her CDA & Directors credential.  She has been in the childcare field since 2009.  She enjoys working with children and helping them grow & learn.  We are glad to have her as one of our lead teachers in our VPK program.   Miss Rachel is a mom of one very inquisitive son.


Miss Rachel

Our Helpers

Meet our part time helpers

Miss Nerlie

Miss Liliana

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Our Substitutes

Our "subs" work or volunteer in our center on an as needed basis.  
They are a valuable part of the team.

Miss Rebecca


Meet Miss Marcella, our Director and fearless leader.  Miss Marcella has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, taught in CCPS for17 years, and has been with Livingston Academy even before the doors opened in August of 2017.  As director, she looks forward to playing, singing, dancing, sharing, discovering, exploring, reading, writing and so much more. Fasten your seat belts as we blast off into a world of learning and growing.

Miss Kathleen

Miss Kathleen is the church office manager in addition to volunteering in the center.  She has a CDA, Directors credential and a degree in Business Management.  


Miss Marcella

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