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We are open 7:15am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. 

Weekly Tuition Rates

One-Two Year Olds $220

Three- Five Year Olds $190

   *A child will stay at the two year old rate until completely potty trained.

VPK Wrap Around- $160

Tuition payments can be made on a weekly or monthly

basis. Payments must be received on or before the Friday before the week of service. We accept checks only.

Annual Supply Fee

Livingston Academy works hard to ensure your child is exposed to a wide variety of experiences. This includes special activities and weekly art projects. A supply fee of $100 will be charged at the time of enrollment, and each year in August thereafter.


Registration Fee

A one time registration fee of $50 per child will be charged upon enrollment. You will be given a registration packet and parent handbook. The registration fee is non-refundable.


Parents are required to bring in their children’s lunch and snacks. Livingston Academy has a refrigerator to keep lunches cool.


In order to help keep our children safe, the main entrance will be locked. Each family is provided a key fob that allows them access into the building. In the event that someone is coming to pick up your child that does not have a key fob, there will be a doorbell. Additionally, every classroom has a camera.


Children ages 2 and up are given the opportunity to meet once each week in the auditorium for chapel. During this time your child will sing, engage in dramatic play, listen to Bible stories, and more. Each child is provided a summary of the week’s lesson with scripture reinforcement for home Bible study.

Questions? We've got answers!


We are located on Livingston Road between the Positano and Aviano communities. Livingston Academy is located at the rear of the Naples Church of Christ.  We hope you will come in for a tour and see what makes us so special! Please call if you need help finding us!