A Note From the Director


As an educator in the school system for 10 years I understand the demands that are placed on children when they enter school. It is important that we build children and prepare them for what lies ahead. If activities are created that arouse their interest, children are going to become engaged, therefore, learning things in the process. Children learn through play and social interactions, but it is also the educational environment that assists in the process. For example, if kids are learning about trees there might be a basket with pine cones, acorns, bark and twigs. There is so much children can learn from guided play and simple exposure to new concepts and ideas. What is guided play you ask? Guided play is simply adding learning goals into child-directed free play. For instance, if children are learning about farm animals, there will be a basket with farm animals. Children will be able to use the basket of farm animals during play. While playing they will have the opportunity to use new vocabulary words taught, such as chicken coop, ducklings or plowing a field. The Early Learning Coalition sets the developmental standards for birth to Kindergarten. These standards are infused into our curriculum. We also utilize Creative Curriculum, as it balances teacher-directed and child-initiated learning with an emphasis on building on children’s strengths and interests through various learning styles.

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